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Why choose 

VPdiagnose gives You:


We are fully independent and have no financial interest in the results of our analyses.



Our analyses are of high quality. We always work in close contact with our customers. You receive clear instructions before sampling, can follow the sample online and finally receive a detailed report of the analysis results with recommendations for action if necessary.         

                                                                                                             More about Analyses >> 

You always have access to advice and consultation on your systems. We also organise tailor-made training courses to provide you with knowledge on how to best manage your systems.                                                                                                                              More on Education >>
Economy – 

There is money to be saved by checking your system so that it performs optimally for maximum time.

Database  – 

VPdiagnose has developed its own database that provides our customers with continuous information on the condition of their facilities in connection with sampling, etc. It also contains all data, including information on a number of generically defective products on the market.                                                                                                                                More about our Database >>

Reference laboratory       

VPdiagnose is used as a reference laboratory by oil companies that want independent analysis data reported, and by several service companies in the electricity market, such as: Vattenfall Service, Fortum Service, Bilfinger Industrial Services, Infratek, E-ON, Kraftteknik i Sundsvall, ABB Service and ONE.


In order to stay at the forefront of analytical methods, VPdiagnose continuously conducts internally driven research in this area.

                                                                                                             More about Research  >>

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