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Sampling Tools

Procedures & tools for successful sampling

1. Instruction video 

A well-conducted sampling of the insulating oil in a transformer is a prerequisite for the analysis in our lab to provide the best possible results. As an aid, we have made a film that goes through all the steps for taking samples on site at a transformer.

2. App VP Order Pro 

Using the VP Order Pro mobile app, you can enter measured values directly on site into the O3 Lims database and also retrieve information about the transformer ID etc.

3. PDF-documents

Download documents for manual handling of sampling, there are instructions on PDF documents although not as extensive as in the film, and sampling protocols for filling in measurement values on site. 

1. Video: Insulation oil sampling transformers
Watch important moments
for a successful sampling
  • Identification of the Transformer with or without QR codes.

  • Sampling with ALU bag or ALU bottle.

  • Transformer measurements to be recorded in the VP Order Pro App/Database O3 Lims - or on pre-printed protocols.

  • Measuring oil moisture content using Vaisala measuring instruments.

Film Provtagning
VP Order Pro
2. App VP Order Pro

In the VP Order Pro App you can do the following:

  • The app is linked to the O3Lims database, which means that you can enter and retrieve all kinds of data stored in the database about your objects and also produce reports on mobiles and tablets.
    See the description of the O3Lims database here.

  • Save the time currently spent manually noting and entering data on a site.

  • With our internet-connected system, you can work from anywhere. 

  • Present data with beautiful and customisable reports.

For more information on the VP Order Pro App or to request a token please contact:

Slideshow VP Order Pro

Click on the image for full screen

Ladda ner PDF
3. Download PDF documents

Download Procuct List & Sampling Protocol here

Download Instructions for
sampling of
ALUbag & ALUbottle here

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