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Database O3Lims & VP Order Pro App

O3Lims inlogg
Database O3Lims

In the database you can do the following:

  • Comprehensive registration of your facilities

  • Before sampling:
    1. get the protocol filled in by the database 
    2. receive a blank protocol to fill in on site

  • Download and print protocols

  • Scanning, registering and retrieving QR codes

  • Produce and print authorisation reports

  • View object data

  • Download PDF reports

  • Read measured values from transformers and winding couplers

  • Read out measurement values when measuring the moisture content of the oil and much more.

  • Register and follow up on actions and maintenance

For more information on the database O3Lims and new registrations, contact:

In the VP Order Pro App
you can do the following:


  • The app is linked to the O3Lims database, which means you can enter and retrieve object data entered into the database about registered objects, and also produce reports on mobiles and tablets.See explanation of the database in the left column

  • Save the time currently spent on manually collecting and recording data on a site.

  • With our internet-connected system, you can work efficiently with measured values wherever you are.

For more information about the VP Order Pro App and new registration, contact:

VP Order Pro Appen
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