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Oljeprov laboratorium VPdiagnose

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VPdiagnose is the Nordic region's only fully independent analysis company specialising in petroleum products.
We have extensive experience and expertise in the field and the high capacity of our laboratory provides a complete machine diagnosis of oil-filled systems - customised to the customer's needs.

Our Services

Watch the film about our petrochemical lab in Västerås, Sweden.

VPdiagnose is a natural partner for maintenance work and quality assurance of oil-filled systems. Our strength is the combination of chemical expertise with solid real-world experience. Unlike an ordinary laboratory, we do not only provide results of chemical analyses but always provide full service and consultation. We help the customer to interpret what the results mean for their own system and advise on actions to be taken.


The purpose of transformer diagnostics is to collect relevant data that can be interpreted and quantified to give you a clear picture of the condition of the transformer.

Analysis packages

VPdiagnose has developed a number of analysis packages for insulating oils and lubricating oils.
Oil analysis is done in order to answer two types of questions: How is the object? And, how is the oil?

Lubrication & Hydraulic Oil System

The role of oil in a lubrication system is to reduce friction and protect the system, which means it works hard.
Depending on the system and the type of oil, it wears out at different rates and to different extents.


The increased use of so-called bio-based fuels has already proven to create significantly more operational problems than previous fuels.

Database O3Lims

As our customer, you get access to our object database O3Lims, which is a tool that helps the customer to quality assure the maintenance of their own system.


The training can take place on site or in our premises and can be tailored to your needs. It can be held in Swedish or English. Over the years, hundreds of training programmes have been held in large and small companies around the world.

Reference Lab

VPdiagnose is used as a reference laboratory by oil companies that want independent analysis data reported, and by several service companies in the electricity market, for example:
Vattenfall Service, Fortum Service, Bilfinger Industrial, Infratek,
E-ON, Kraftteknik i Sundsvall, ABB Service and ONE.
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