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Research is essential!

In addition to the ongoing internal research conducted to stay ahead of the curve, VPdiagnose also conducts commissioned research.

Research may be perceived as a pretentious word, but in the company's interpretation it means trying to find as yet unknown causal relationships.

For VPdiagnose, internal research always focuses on things that no one else has openly reported facts about. 


Examples of research carried out:

VPdiagnose has e.g. carried out commissioned research on behalf of Statkraft AS as follows:


  • The effect of oil regeneration on the formation of substances that create sulphidation corrosion in transformers.

  • Verifying research which clearly shows that the chemical science is correct that the copper passivator DBDS has a stronger function than the copper deactivator Irgamet39.

  • That the presence of elemental sulphur in insulating oil is a symptom of something wrong in a transformer etc. assignments in our field of activity

These research assignments were third-party supervised so that the results would not be seen as biased.


We welcome research assignments

VPdiagnose undertakes research tasks related to the interaction between machinery and oil. The research design and its implementation is done in close co-operation with the client.


One task VPd has long been waiting for is to solve the worldwide problem of varnish formation in hydraulics and lubrication systems. However, this is likely to take some time as filters and oil manufacturers live well on the fact that machine owners are content to deal with the symptoms rather than the disease.
However, it would be a good contribution to the environment to solve the issue and thus reduce the environmental impact of frequent oil and filter changes.

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