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Transformator Ställverk

Transformer diagnostics

Our analysis packages for Transformers

In transformers, power is transferred between different voltage levels by electromagnetic induction.
Transformers usually have an electrical insulation system consisting of a cellulose winding around the copper conductor and an insulating oil. The contribution of the oil to the transformer function is not only to insulate but also to cool and protect. The oil therefore provides a great opportunity to determine how the transformer is performing.
Maintenance of the transformer based on this technique is called Insulation System Management.

Problems that can occur in a transformer oil include:
  • Oil degradation (sometimes prematurely), which can lead to oxidation products such as water, acids and sludge etc. in the system.

  • Contamination of the oil by water, wear metals and particles.

  • The paper insulation breaks down and contaminates the oil.

  • All this means that the oil does not work properly and thus the transformer does not work optimally.

Oil + gas analysis:

The content of the report is based on the co-assessment of facts combined from the gas and oil analysis.
This means that a more accurate statement of the condition is possible. The following analyses are included in the analysis package:

Our range of Analyses
NOTE: The tables are best viewed on a computer screen.
Analysis Package

Trafodiagnose >>

Oil analysis >>


Co-assessment of facts from gas and oil analysis

Status of the system and oil

In-depth analyses
  • oil analysis

  • gas analysis

  • visual inspection

  • acidity

  • pH

  • DBDS content 

  • sulphur content

  • antioxidant content

  • copper content

  • peroxide number

  • water content

  • interfacial tension

  • turbidity

  • IR spectrum

  • Electrical breakdown strength

Gas analysis - two different quality

variants are available:

  • Precision (Total Extraction) 

  • Screening (Head Space) 

Fault occurrence/ indications and major acute faults and early warning of maintenance needs (precision DGA). Provides info on major acute failures (screening DGA) and maintenance needs.

  • DGA

  • refractive index

  • density

Authorisation report>>

Combined facts from the gas and oil analysis provide an accurate assessment of the current state of the trafon.

  • gas analysis

  • oil analysis

  • corrosive sulphur

  • 2-furfural

  • tan

  • gravimetric purity

Calculation of residual life >>

Same as the condition report but with an additional lifetime calculation based on the operational data of the object.

  • gas analysis

  • oil analysis

  • corrosive sulphur

  • 2-furfural

  • tan

  • gravimetric purity

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