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Data bearbetning

Customer Portal

Databas O3Lims
  • Log in to database O3Lims
  • Order Oil Sampling App
    VP Order Pro


Database O3Lims is dedicated to serve our customers and their sites. There you can track sampling and actions over time can also be found here. Existing customers can log in and new customers can connect their devices to the system for long-term monitoring and preventive measures. 

With the VP Order Pro app, you can enter the values and data that the database then processes on site at the transformer.

QRkod skylt oljetapp
  • ALUbags & ALUbottles

  • Sample bottles

Here you can order the materials needed for on-site sampling of insulating oils, as well as QR codes for identification to be attached to the transformers that do not have them.

Provtagning film
  • Download Protocols
  • Download/Print PDF-files for Sampling
  • Watch instruction video before sampling
  • Download Sampling Instructions

Once on site for sampling, you may need information and protocols for measurement results and other essential information. 

We have also produced an instructional film with everything that needs to be done on site at the transformer where you can also use the app VP Order Pro etc.

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