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Job Vacancies

We are looking for laboratory technicians
& laboratory engineers

VPdiagnose AB is looking for laboratory technicians/laboratory engineers with development potential for our laboratory in Västerås.

The company's main occupation is machine diagnostics for industry by performing analyses on lubricating, hydraulic and insulating oil and thereby finding out the object's maintenance needs or existing repair needs.

For this, we perform chemical analyses on mainly organic-based samples submitted by our customers all over the world.

Our analysis methods include the spectrum from simple physical analyses to complex chemical analyses with GC-MS, HPLC and ICP.

The people we are looking for must be accurate and fast and have easy communication skills, i.e. very good written and spoken Swedish is necessary.

Since we deal with analyses, experience from laboratory work is a great advantage.

In our development plan, we will also be able to perform sampling for our customers as the industry is increasingly outsourcing services, so a driving licence is a plus.


The closing date for applications is 2024-12-31

NOTE – All job applications should be sent to


About the company: Västerås PetroleumKemi AB has long been marketed under the name VPdiagnose and in 2019 a subsidiary with this name was created where the actual diagnostics business takes place.

VPdiagnose AB is one of very few completely INDEPENDENT diagnostic companies in the World.
VPdiagnose has been respected by its internally high standards of integrity and scientific credibility.

VPdiagnose is a world leader in certain machine diagnostics segments and this position has been achieved through internal research but also through externally funded research.

The growth potential in the industry is large and increasing.

VPdiagnose has customers on all continents but the focus is on Scandinavia.

We would like to see your application as soon as possible.


If you have found a vacancy through an employment agency, send your application to the email address below:

All job applications are to be sent to

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