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Consultancy services

Let us help you!

Working in the electrochemical industry for over 30 years, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience of the problems that can arise with insulating oils and high voltage technology.

This means that we have learnt to identify major and minor flaws in the systems and their supervision, knowledge that we are happy to share when you are faced with difficult and complex incidents in your field of operation. 

VPdiagnose is a natural partner for maintenance work and quality assurance of oil-filled systems. Our strength is the combination of chemical expertise with solid real-world experience. Unlike an ordinary laboratory, we do not only provide results of chemical analyses but always provide full service and consultation. We help the customer to interpret what the results mean for their own system and advise on actions to be taken.

Chemical analyses

Over the years, VPdiagnose has gone against the grain in the laboratory world, developing new and refining existing methods to enable even safer and more thorough condition interpretation of oil-filled systems.

Diagnostics & Database O3Lims

Our laboratory's broad practical experience from the real world, combined with chemical analysis expertise applied to refined and newly developed analysis methods, means that we can now carry out very in-depth condition assessments of transformers, among other things.


As a customer of ours, you also get access to our object database O3Lims, which is a tool that helps the customer to quality assure the maintenance of their own system. It has been developed in close cooperation with Bytewize AB and can also be used as a maintenance system for those companies that want simple and functional maintenance systems.


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