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Analytical services

Why is it important to quality assure oil-driven systems
by means of oil analyses?

By keeping an eye on the insulating or lubricating oil, you give your systems the best conditions to function optimally. This means less wear and tear on the equipment and a longer lifespan, which in turn reduces the risk of downtime, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

High quality analyses
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Transformer diagnostics

The purpose of transformer diagnostics is to collect relevant data that can be interpreted and quantified so that you get a clear picture of the transformer's condition.


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We offer 54 different analysis data for fuels

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Standard analyses

VPdiagnose has developed a number of analysis packages for Insulating Oils and Lubricating Oils. Follow the link to see which analysis packages you can choose from and what they show.
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Lubrication system

The role of oil in a lubrication system is to reduce friction and protect the system, which means it works hard. Depending on the system and the type of oil, it wears out at different rates and to different extents.
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We always work in close contact with our customers. You will receive clear instructions before sampling, can follow the sample online and finally receive a detailed report of the analysis results with, if necessary, recommendations for action

Download our range of
analyses here:

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